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Jobs large or small, we’re waiting for your call.


We are passionate about helping our customers and look forward to providing you with quality cleaning services.


We are a family owned business since 1950. My father started this company in 1950, offering house and window cleaning services for 44 years. He (Joseph Driskill) retired in 1994. Myself (Michael Driskill) and my brother (Robert Driskill) took over at that time. We have since added carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, power washing and gutter cleaning to our services.


We have thousands of satisfied customers in the St. Louis area. We do this by offering the highest quality service at a reasonable price. We are fully insured and bonded, have clean cut and respectful employees, and a guarantee to do a great job at a reasonable price. Please call for an estimate today.

Thank You,

Mike Driskill


We have thousands of satisfied customers in the St. Louis area. Deluxe Cleaning offers professional, high quality service at a reasonable price.


We understand the importance of reliable service. Every member of our highly professional cleaning staff is knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced. Deluxe is dedicated to meeting all of your residential and commercial cleaning needs.


Whether it’s windows, air ducts, carpets, 24hr. water extraction or exteriors, we offer affordable prices for all of our services. Contact us today for a free estimate.


We offer professional, low cost, Residential and Commercial cleaning services in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We are fully bonded, licensed, and insured and can provide the services necessary to deliver to you an outstanding cleaning experience. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable cleaning specialists provide a wide array of services with the speed and quality that you expect.


Industrial Vacuums
Our goal is to remove all the dirt and dust. Our vacuum systems systems are among the most powerful available in the air duct cleaning industry.

Trained Technicians
No subcontractors or one-man crews DELUXE CLEANING SERVICE. Our specialists are experienced in the latest procedures and most effective duct cleaning tools.

Complete Set-Up
Work will not begin until the floors, doorways, and corners are protected against dirt and scratching. Protective shoe covers are worn at all times.

Negative Air Pressure
8” vacuum hose it attached to both the supply and return sides of the system. During cleaning, all dirt and debris is pulled directly to the vacuum unit.

Hand Cleaning
Because it is necessary to clean where the air exchange takes place, we spray a sanitizing agent and hand clean each register and diffuser.




Scrub the System
Pulling large volumes of air toward the vacuum unit, we now send our scrubbing tools down each supply run to remove every trace of dirt, dust, and hair.

Cold Air Returns
Once all the supply registers are clean, we move to the return air system. This includes all the grill covers and drops throughout the house.

Trunks and Plenums
All supply and return duct work are clean with our special scrubbing tools. Specially designed plastic plugs ensure there’s no air flow loss.

Furnace Interior
The cleaning is completed with the air washing and vacuum of the drop, filter box, blower fan, A/C coil, cabinet interior and combustion chamber.

Wrapping It Up!
New galvanized access panels are installed over the opening created for the vacuum hose. Floors are swept and all debris is removed.




We powerwash decks, siding, furniture and patios (and just about anything else). We try not to use any chemicals at all.  3000 + psi will remove most dirt and debris. Unless there is mold or mildew, then we use a light concentration of bleach and water. This is necessary to kill the mold, algae or mildew. It is a very light concentration as not to harm plants, pets or people.


Be careful when choosing a power washing company, anyone lacking experience can cause alot of damage to your home. We have been doing this for many decades and are fully insured.


When your home is being threatened by water damage from flooding or leaks, Deluxe Cleaning Professionals have the expertise to prevent or mitigate the devastating effects water damage can have in order to help preserve and restore your property. We have the equipment and experience necessary to handle the most challenging water damage and removal situations and are available around-the-clock.


DELUXE CLEANING Professionals concentrate on safely drying, deodorizing and disinfecting the areas flooded or damaged by water.

Water Removal Equipment

  • Moisture detectors, hygrometers and other meters measure the extent of moisture saturation.
  • Submersible pumps for continuous pumping of high-level water.
  • Truck mounted and portable extraction units perform efficient water removal.


Sanitizing Agents, Germicides, & Anti-Microbial Treatments

  • Deodorization products control odors from excessive moisture.
  • Disinfection products stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms.


Hi-Tech Drying Equipment

  • Drying equipment helps prevent property water damage like swelling and warping of floors, walls and furniture.
  • Industrial grade dehumidifiers minimize secondary water damage.
  • High-speed air movers create airflow across walls, carpets, pads and furniture, evaporating moisture.
  • Some situations call for special drying techniques that require state of the art equipment and training.


We are the oldest and most experienced window cleaner in the St. Louis area. We have experience in cleaning any windows on any house. Where some other companies will tell you they cannot take your old storm windows apart, DELUXE CLEANING can handle it. We have seen every example of window there is from old wood hanging storm windows, 1950’s style aluminum storm windows with removable frames, to the new modern tilting windows. We are recommended by manufacturers such as Marvin, Andersen and Pella, just to name a few. We are the VERY BEST residential window cleaner in the state. You will not find anyone with more satisfied customers and experience. Period. We can handle new homes as well as Century homes and beyond. Chances are we have a satisfied customer on your street.

We use a very thorough window cleaning process:

  1. Move all drapes and blinds out of the way.
  2. Remove screen (if so equipped)
  3. Wash all glass with a soap + water mix (no chemicals)
  4. Scrape or use fine steel wool to remove any debris (paint, bird mess, etc.)
  5. Squeegee all mixture from glass.
  6. Dry edges and clean window sill (frame cleaning extra)
  7. Clean and re install screen.

Your windows should stay clean and sparkling for months, even with rain. What makes the spots on the windows is dirt mixed with the water, no dirt, no spots!


Gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. DELUXE CLEANING will inspect the entire rain water drainage system to make sure that your gutters are properly cleaned.


Gutter cleaning procedure:

  • Remove any and all debris from roof.
  • Clean out gutters with a powerful blower and by hand.
  • Check all downspouts for proper drainage, and flush with water when necessary (most cab be blown out).
  • Clean up all patios and driveways, leaving your house fresh and clean.


Step 1 – Commercial Pre-Vacuum:
Your carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed with an Oreck Commercial Hepa – Filter vacuum to remove bonded dry soil. Dry soil is removed by a thorough vacuuming. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in cleaning.

Step 2 – Pre-Spray & Pre-Spot:
Traffic areas and spots are pretreated with a hot organic pre-spray for more effective soil and spot removal.

Steps 3&4 – Extract & Rinse:
Once the soil has been loosened, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile with an organic rinsing agent. Pressure and heat are regulated so that carpet is not over-wet. We clean with water temperature between 180°F – 190°F.

Step 5 – Post Spot Treatment:
If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, specialty spotting techniques are employed. Note: Permanent stains identified by our service technician may not be removed.


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Contact us today. We would love to help you with your next cleaning project. We’re fully insured, licenced and bonded.


We look forward to hearing from you. Please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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